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Aluminum Fluoride

¡¾Molecular formula¡¿:AlF3
¡¾Molecular weight¡¿:83.98
¡¾Standard¡¿: GB/T4292-2007
¡¾HS CODE¡¿:2826.1200
¡¾Properties¡¿: It is a white crystal or powder with relative density of 2.882 (25). It is slightly soluble in water, acid and alkali solution, insoluble in most organic solvents. The property of anhydrous aluminum fluoride is very stable, it doesn't react with liquid ammonia and sulfuric acid by heating to fuming, isn't changeable when co-melted with KOH and cant be deoxidized. It doesn't decompose through heating, but it may sublimes when the temperature is 1291. It can be hydrolyzed partly to HF and aluminum oxide in the vapour of 300-400.
¡¾Quantity Index¡¿

¡¾Uses¡¿It is used as auxiliary ingredient of electrolyte during the production of electrolytic aluminum to decrease the melting point and increase the conductivity of electrolyte, as a zymotic inhibitor in the alcohol production, as a cosolvent for glaze and enamel and a flux for non-ferrous metal, in soldering fluid of metal jointing, and to make of optical lens. It is also used as catalyst of organic synthesis and materials of synthetic cryolite.

¡¾Packing¡¿: 25kg or 50kg woven bags with inner plastic lining,1000kg/jumbo bag, or as the request of our customer





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