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Polyacrylamide (PAM)

I. Anionic polyacrylamide

Brief introduction of Anionic polyacrylamide Anionic polymer flocculant is mainly used for the treatment of solid minerals in the neutral suspension. It is used to improve the removal effect of the suspended solids, COD and phosphate in the urban and industrial wastewater treatment. In the drinking water and wastewater treatment, it is used in the surface water clarification.

General overview of the product The product adopt the technics of adding alkali in the propenamide and then make them homopolymerization and hydrolysis, after granulation, drying and crushing, it appears as a small white powder of granular solids.

Anionic PAM performance indicators


II. Cationic polyacrylamide

Brief introduction of cationic polyacrylamide
Cationic polymer flocculant is a water soluble linear polymer,and its molecular weight is between 400-1200million. It also can be dissolved in methanol and ethanol, but can not be dissolved in ketones, esters, hydrocarbons and other organic solvents. Cationic CPF showed electropositive in acidic or alkaline medium, thus it is effective in the treatment of coagulation and sedimentation with the suspended particles in the negatively charged sewage water. Such as the production of grain alcohol wastewater, papermaking wastewater, wastewater of urban sewage treatment plants, beer-production wastewater, wastewater of monosodium glutamate factory, sugar-production wastewater, high content of organic wastewater, beverages-production wastewater, and printing and dyeing wastewater. In addition, cationic cpf also can be used as chemicals in oilfield, such as clay anti-swelling chemicals and thickening chemicals used in oilfield acidification , as well as enhancer chemicals used in papermaking.

General overview of the product The product is copolymerized by the cationic monomer (DM,DMC,DMDAAC,DMAEMA) and acrylamide, after granulation, drying and crushing , it appears as a small white powder or small particles.

Cationic CPF performance indicators


Matters needing attention of using and dissolution method of solid polyacrylamide: 1.Polyacrylamide(PAM),also called flocculating agent, the dry powder of which is not suitable for using,should be confected into aqueous solution before using of some consistency to ensure its using effect.
2.The consistency of flocculating agent commonly is 0.05%-0.1%, in other words, add 0.5-1g dry powder into 1liter water. While confecting, less amount of water can be added, and certain amount of water in which the consistency is needed should be added after the polymer dissolves,because the dissolving speed of polymer can quicken while the consistency of polymer solution is high.
3.The specific operation of confection as follow: add certain amount of water into the dissolving jar, then start the blender and sift the dry powder around the vortex of water equably. The speed of blending is about 200 recolution/min. And it should be noticed that agglomeration should be avoided after the dry powder particles get into water.Generally speaking, it can dissolve completely after 60s blending.
4.The water which dissolves polyacrylamide is good to be tap water at normal temperature. Improving the temperature suitably can speedup dissolution, but the water temperature should not surpass 50a??, because polymer will produce heat-degradation when the temperature is too high, the using effect will be influenced as well.
5.The dry powder state PAM can be stored for over 2 years in dry,dark and cool place, but it is not suitable to be stored after being confected into solution. Solution of negative ion and nonion commonly can be stored no more than one week, while solution of positive ion commonly can be stored no more than two weeks.
6.Ferric ion is the catalyzer which causes polyacrylamide. So in confection, transfer and storage the solution of polyacrylamide, contact between the solution and ferric and ion should be avoided. Stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics, etc. Made device the best choice for confecting polyacrylamide solution




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