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Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP)

Detailed introduction:
Chemical Formula: (NaPO3)6 
Molecular Weight:: 611.82
Cas No.: 10124-58-8
HS Code: 28353900
Standard Executed: HG/2519-1993 (Industry grade)
GB1890-89 (Food grade)

White powder, density is 2.484 ( 20℃), easily soluble in water, but not in organic solution, absorbent to dampness, and turn sticky when absorbed dampness in air.
For industrial use, such as oil field, paper-making, textile, dyeing, petrochemical industry, tanning industry, metallurgical industry and building material industry, it is mainly used as a water softening agent in solution for printing, dyeing, and boiler; Diffusant in papermaking; slow corrodent, floating agent, dispersing medium, high temperature agglomerant, Titanium dioxide and soil analytical chemistry
For food grade, it is mainly used as additive agent, PH adjusting agent and fermentation agent, and nourishment.
25kg P.P bags,22-25mts in the 20"FCL




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